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Our Approach to Service

We understand that your property is not only an investment, but your home. We approach every job asking ourselves "What would I do if it were my home?"  As such, you know that Tom's Sprinklers is doing what's best for you, the customer, in both the short and long term.

Get to Know Us

I'm a teacher, business owner/operator, husband and father of two young boys. Irrigation was my first 'real job' at the age of 19. I kept at it throughout my university years, alternating between work, school, and travel. I graduated university and, after a time, became a high school teacher. After spending a few summers working for some of the larger sprinkler businesses in the lower mainland, I decided to go into business for myself. Nine seasons later, Tom's Sprinklers is a full-time operation that has earned a reputation as an honest and reliable service provider. We're currently open to new customers as we grow our business and areas of operation.

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